Roger Yuraska, President - The Steel Tigers - 77th Armor Association
General Membership:                                                     4/05/2020
I have spoken with several of my friends across the US, a couple of whom are currently on the front lines of the fight, including a General Officer. All of which have said DO NOT go to MA this summer. They do not believe it will be safe for our members to travel until late in the summer (Sept/Oct). The spread is rapid, on the East and West coast and is now spilling over to the central US, a cure is months if not a year away.
The Board of directors via email and phone voted, per the organizations guidelines, to forward a motion to the Executive Committee canceling the 2020 reunion in Salem, MA due to factors outside the organization’s control, and for the safety and health of the general membership and there families who will have to travel from all fours corners of this great nation. The Motion to cancel the reunion in Salem MA was approved by the Executive Committee.
Path Forward:
The organization will return the members funds, who have already returned their registration forms.
Due to extreme circumstances beyond our control, freeze in place all elected positions until our next reunion: Vote 2021: Board of Directors, 2022: Executive Committee.
Focus our efforts toward the 2021 reunion in Gettysburg, from 15-18 July 2021. The Farver’s have already done the bulk of the work and I believe it will be a great venue for the organization.
Kevin Zak in Oregon he has a great initial concept and once the threat is over, he will start the formal process for planning the 2022 reunion.
We have asked Richard if he can reset MA for 2023, I have been up to that area, and while it is a bit pricey, it would be a great reunion. Especially if you are a history geek like me.
Since the bulk of our funds come from membership registration, which is usually done at the reunion, we will need a concerted effort to have the members pay dues through our web site or through snail mail. Once Jim McPhie has the web site pay online up, and I’ve tested it, I will put that info out.
Jim will announce the cancelation of MA on the web site and put up the Gettysburg info as soon as possible.
In order to reduce the cost of mailing newsletters and reunion registrations to every member, since we have a comprehensive email list, that only those members who request a hard copy of the two documents receive a mailed copy. This will seriously reduce the organizations out of pocket expense for printing and mailing.
Finally, Cynthia and I want each member of the Steel Tiger family to be safe, follow the guidance of your local and state Governments. Practice social distancing, if your local store offers special hours for seniors use those hours to shop. Remain home like we are and cross off some of the honey do list. These next few months will be very trying for us as a nation and a family, Keep the faith we are all in this together. God Bless you all and we will see you next year in Gettysburg
Roger W Yuraska
77th Armor Association President
“Steel Tigers”
PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE (from 12/2019 newsletter)
Hello all;
Cynthia and I would like to thank everyone who made the trip to Frankenmuth, MI.  Bob and Connie Basner put together a great event, and it’s always great to see old friends and make new ones.  With the health scare of both my Mother and Mother in Law, along with the loss of members of our band of Brothers and Sisters this past year, Cynthia and I ask that we all reach out to family, friends, and Comrades in Arms and tell them we are thinking of them and their families.  Wish them a Happy Holiday and have a meaningful conversation, it might be the last holiday you will be able to have that significant exchange.  Membership is still my biggest concern; we don’t appear to be making leaps and bounds from year to year.  For the association to have longevity we must be a multi-battalion, multi-generation organization.  We are making small gains, but I believe we can do better.  Take this coming year and reach out to others you have served with and try to get them on board.  Don’t forget your membership dues for 2020 are due in January. Cynthia and I look forward to seeing everyone at Salem, MA 8-12 July 2020, hosted this year by Richard and Nancy Cavanaugh.
Roger Yuraska
77th Armor Association President
“Steel Tigers”


C/3/77 at Ft. Carson from 7/68 to 2/69, then C/1/77 in RVN from 3/69 to 3/70.