“Once a Steel Tiger – Always a Steel Tiger”

This is an opportunity to create a Permanent Acknowledgement of YOUR Service or the Service of Another with the 77th Armor Regiment.

It is with great humility and thanks to my fellow Brothers and Sisters who served with the 77th  Armor Regiment during multiple conflicts and assignments, that I am pleased to now be in a position to bring the following opportunity to your attention.  As you may or may not be aware, the new Steel Tigers Monument was inserted into the National Armor & Cavalry Museum’s Memorial Park and Walking Paths in 2017.  The intent of these commemorative Parks and Walking Paths is to honor veterans, OUR history and, to memorialize OUR efforts to families, friends and fellow Brothers and Sisters with whom we served during these conflicts.

As the Museum Foundation continues its efforts to complete these Parks and Walkways of honor, we are in contact with the National Armor & Cavalry Heritage Foundation Representative to negotiate a current deal (price/donation) for all Steel Tigers members to purchase a personalized paver to be placed in the area surrounding the Steel Tiger Monument.  The amount has yet to be finalized but it will be forthcoming, soon. Please also be advised that your donation for your paver will also reduce the costs of the Walkway and gardening enhancements to the Steel Tiger Association in the areas around the monument.

To get this Paver Program up and running, (finally, and yes, we are about 1 year behind on this effort) we have been endeavoring to contact (and confirm) as many Steel Tigers as possible (past and present) to ensure we have the ability to reach out to every Steel Tiger possible for reasons beyond the Paver Program.  When you read this, please contact Dick Cavanaugh, Memorialization Chairman (aka “The Brick Master”) at 978-979-3415  OR, send an e-mail. dickocav@comcast.net.  Please also note that any contact numbers and/or e-mail addresses provided will be only used in a secure manner.

We will be receiving some brochures that provide further details about what is being done with your donation.  Once these are in my possession, I will email the brochures to everyone who has confirmed their email address with me.  Please, some of us are getting – – – – older and we need to think about re-bonding with the individuals with whom we served with during times that were GOOD; BAD; & UGLY. Once you read this…………

Should you have any questions about this information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Hopefully, you and your families are all doing well.

Richard {Dick} Cavanaugh
1st 77th – A Co – 1st Plt – 11 & 14