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Reunion Gallery

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Reunion 2009

Here we are at the Museum having lunch (we did do more than eat) A big thanks to the  caterers that prepared the sandwiches, they delivered and gave us a great deal on the whole lunch. Thanks to the independently owned Subway

Reunion 2009
A fantastic flag ceremony in a Veterans museum in a park in the middle of San Diego tourist district, That's Tom Rosser standing to the right side of the picture.

Reunion 2009

Here is Tom again He was nursing a bad bruise on his leg A work injury that almost canceled his trip.

Reunion 2009

Col Pickarts and our very own Top.

Reunion 2009

If I remember correctly was on the phone with Col Galavan calling in from Iraq. It was a call that caught us off guard What a pleasant surprise.

Reunion 2009

Tim O'Neil and Deb Rosevear, Bob Elrod, Anamara McDonald, Connie Basner and Sue Dunn

Reunion 2009

AnaMaria and Deb Rosevaer

Reunion 2009

Connie Basner their nephew Spencer Basner is a Las Vegas policeman and came to share the weekend with them and Bob Basner

Reunion 2009

Col Miller's daughters Trish Link (came all the way from Hawaii) and Beth from Los Angeles

Reunion 2009

The man of the weekend was Col Max Pickarts. He drove his giant motor home to be with us. Also said this might be his last reunion He picked up his daughters from San Francisco if I remember?

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