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Reunion Gallery

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Reunion 2009

Reunion 2009

Reunion 2009
Kevin Dunn and Bird (Everet) Nagel

Reunion 2009
Erika Miller and Joanne Spiller

Reunion 2009
You can't see Bob Elrod with Barbara Tipton walking across the flight deck on the USS Midway. One of our fantastic tours that day.

Reunion 2009
Here's Bob Elrod

Reunion 2009
Barb Tipton and Col Tom Miller. We couldn't have a better friend in our association than Tom…

Reunion 2009
Past President Lt.Chuck Winslow (deep in thought) who drove in from Scottsdale AZ.

Reunion 2009
Having lunch on the Midway is Joe Offutt with Col Max Pickarts and Bird Nagel.

Reunion 2009
Don't know if I can explain this picture but the bus was actually UP IN THE AIR.  In the dip in the road the rear bumper and front bumper was on the ground and the drive wheels were there in limbo. AN exciting moment for about 45 minutes blocking traffic.

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